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Miscellaneous Metals

Door Guards, Mezzanines, Stairs, Trim and other Metals
for Cold Storage, Food Processing and Warehouse Buildings

We operate our own sheet metal shop to ensure high quality, high performance.

Delta T Construction, the contractor with more than 30 years of experience in the construction of food industry facilities and warehouse and distribution centers, knows the fine points of miscellaneous metals that bring those buildings together.

That's why Delta T Construction has its own in-house metal fabrication shop. With our own shop, we maintain a higher level of quality control -- ensuring that you get a building with fittings, trims and barriers that will boost building integrity, performance and lifespan.

Sheet metal applications

  • Canopy framing
  • Roof trim
  • Panel base trim
  • Corner trim
  • Door trim -- with wraps up to 10 guage

Miscellaneous metal products

  • Goal posts
  • Bollards
  • Other door guard element
  • Stairs
  • Mezzanines



Delta T Construction is a member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance Delta T Construction is a member of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction