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Cold Storage Panels

Structural Insulated Panels for Cold Storage Facilities

The Trusted Contractor for Cold Storage

For more than 30 years, America's food industry has relied on Delta T Construction as a contractor to provide insulated metal panels for cold storage facilities, food processing facilities , refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers.

With our deep experience and industry knowledge, and our own construction and sheet metal crews, we are the preferred single-source provider of structural insulated panels for commercial and industrial buildings. When you are looking at cold storage contractors, Trust Delta T Construction for integrity and performance in insulated metal panels to keep refrigeration buildings at optimal performance.

Our insulated metal panels, with insulation that does not deteriorate, are ideal for cold storage facilities, food processing and buildings where a controlled environment is needed for dry goods.

You get these qualities in insulated metal panels from Delta T Construction:

  • Insulation values from R-14 to R-38
  • High fire rating under the most demanding conditions
  • Various finishes available, including USDA-approved stainless steel
  • Excellent durability that contributes to sustainable building goals
  • No deterioration of interior insulation
  • Can function as walls, ceilings and roofs for coolers, freezers and processing buildings
  • Ideal where dry goods need a temperature-controlled environment
  • Available in a wide variety of widths, lengths and gauges
  • Can be installed in inclement weather, expediting construction times
  • Ribbing allows panels to span greater lengths without additional support


Delta T Construction is a member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance Delta T Construction is a member of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction