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Building Canopies for Cold Storage,
Food Processing, Warehouses, Distribution Centers

Building canopies that protect products, add value

Protect your product and improve your building's aesthetics and value with engineered canopies from Delta T Construction, a national contractor.

With extensive experience in cold storage, refrigerated and temperature controlled facilities throughout the U.S., Delta T Construction has the skills and knowledge to most efficiently and reliably create a canopy system that will protect products at truck docks and that will provide protection from weather and sunlight elsewhere.

Here's what you get from Delta T Construction canopies

  • Improve the look and value of your building
  • Wide range of colors to choose from, complementing existing building colors
  • Various materials to choose from, including standing seam metal
  • Choose from standard design or custom design


Delta T Construction is a member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance Delta T Construction is a member of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction